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Thursday, January 18, 2018

My Go-To Weekend Outfit

black jacekt, white tee, skinny jeans

casual womens outfit

cute black jacket

vegan leather jacket

cute white tshirt

Jacket // Top (size xs) // Jeans // Mules // Sunglasses // Purse (similar under $30)

Okay, that title is a lie. There's a good chance this basic look or outfit formula--moto jacket, cute tee, ripped jeans and flats-- is happening close to everyday of the week. That's basically what LA will do to your style. Although I was born here, so is it just in my DNA? Regardless of where you live, I do think every woman needs a good moto jacket. It's like a super hero cape that's acceptable to wear as a grown up. While we were snapping these pictures, my boyfriend (happened to talk him into being my photographer for 5 minutes) noticed how much sass I had with this jacket. If you know me, I'm definitely the easy going gal. But with this jacket I stood a little taller and had that boost of confidence. Do you have a jacket or piece of clothing that just makes you feel extra? 

Now, let's flashback to last year's look here. And what do you know, it's a very similar outfit formula. That moto jacket still is one of my most worn pieces to date! I think that proves my point about having moto jackets in your wardrobe.

tan vegan leather jacket

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

3 Easy Steps to Transition Into Natural Beauty

think dirty app review

When we think of skincare and makeup, our minds think of the beauty and appearance aspects. Both are completely valid. Who doesn't want to look their best? Except you might have heard that there's a lot of weird ingredients that beauty brands use and how all these ingredients can be absorbed into our skin impacting our health. I know, it's scary to think about. Sadly, the US doesn't regulate the beauty industry and there are way more ingredients banned in Europe than the US. So what can you do to take matters into your hands? After a year of detoxing my skincare and makeup I use, I found these three things made it easier to transition.

1. Think Dirty App

First off, get your mind out of the gutter. While it's a work in progress, this is the app you need to download ASAP! It has a database of thousands of products that you can enter by name or scan the SKU to give you a rating of how clean or dirty it is. Is every product in there? No! But you can submit the item for review. The best part is if something does rate dirty, it will give suggestions for cleaner options and breaks down the ingredients. Not going to lie, it's addicting and shocking.

2. Swap Your Deodorant

If there's one thing I wish everyone would swap, it would be their deodorant. Is it freaking hard (not to mention stinky)? ABSOLUTELY! But not only starting with the hardest swap in this whole natural beauty journey, it's the one I find extremely beneficial to our health. The reality is we are meant to sweat. That's healthy. It's normal. We have been conditioned into thinking we shouldn't sweat there. These conventional deodorants are just plugging up our pores and not allowing our bodies to detox. Deodorants are applied so closely to our lymphoids, which carry blood into our entire bloodstream, that it makes sense to try to use the most natural ingredients we can. If I can do it (girl with the worst armpits ever), you can do it. I shared my absolute favorite natural deodorant here.

3. Replace As You Run Out

Once you start scanning your items on Think Dirty, you might panic and want to throw everything out. That's normal. I just wouldn't encourage that. That will create overwhelm and that's not the goal here. So look at what you're running out of, do some research for alternatives and then toss and replace it. Repeat until you swap everything, which could take months. You might even shed some tears for your beloved item (or was that just me?) What can I say, but I get attached to products that have been working for a decade. Here are some of my go-to brands and places to shop:
I hope these tips help simplify transitioning into natural beauty! It is a process, but starting this has been empowering to take responsibility of my health. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out because this is something I could spend hours chatting about and wish I had someone to help me through the process. You don't have to do it alone. 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Madewell Try On's: Late Winter

It might be a new year and all, but somethings never change-my love for Madewell! It honestly feels so long since I stepped inside those fitting rooms. So good to be back. While I knew we are in that weird not Winter, not Spring collection, I wanted to have a peek at some of the new arrivals making way online. Also, the associate told me the first big Spring launch is January 19 (insert happy dance). Take this as a warning that I love anything tie-knotted ;)

cute white tshirt

basic long sleeve white tee

Not going to lie, the second I spotted this top it was a must try on. It reminded me of the short sleeve version they came out with in the Summer, which I own and love. It comes in black and rust, but went with the white. Because it is textured, it has some thickness and ultimately makes it not see through. I was wearing a black bra at the time and could get away with it. While I am short waisted, I would say it's a high waisted jean situation.

burgundy star print top

star print silk top

Whenever their silk items hit the sale section, I take note. This top would be one to scoop up right now with the extra percentage. Normally, I wear a size 0 or xs in their structured pieces, but found the size 2 to be fit I liked more. Mainly, I like room in the waist (girl likes to eat, k?). But I know I could wear a size down for a fitted look.

olive utility jacket

Oversized utility jacket

This is their take on the classic utility jacket and they did make it oversized, per their style. But it's EXTRA big (just look at the side view). It's not to say this is a bad thing. It is adjustable at the waist and good if you plan on layering to your hearts content. Just know that it's unlined, so good for this LA gal not so much for everyone else until Spring.

cute orange sweater

rust sweater

An update to your basic crew neck sweater that is done in a thin knit. It comes in a few other basic colors, but love this rust color. As I mentioned, it's thin (hence you can see my black bra), but it does feel soft and of quality. And at this point of pushing through Winter, this little sweater has me excited.

boho printed top

flowy boho top

cute madewell top

While the print is giving me the Spring vibes, this is another piece that runs large. The drawstring waist is very generous, so size down. This is polyester, so for the price I would say it's worth buying on sale. Most tops at this price point are silk.

buffalo plaid top

tie front buffalo check top

black and white buffalo plaid top

While it might feel early for buffalo plaid, I grabbed it on a whim. Based off the cut, these style tops are oversized and roomy. Rarely do I wear small, but found it to the right fit. The fabric has a nice soft touch and the back detail makes this top feel worth the price.

Let me know your favorites or if you have any questions on sizing!

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